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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Facility

Cuba has developed an effective support system to completely rehabilitate people with addictions with a structured 3 month program that adheres to the modern cognitive behavioural approach of therapeutic communities, where professionals help the patient to abstain from alcohol and/or drugs and discover social control mechanisms that bring results.

Led by a multidisciplinary team of nurses, psychiatrists, social workers and specialists in physical therapy, the rehabilitation program works to change the lifestyle of patients with family involvement, education, recreation, sporting and cultural activities.

The therapeutic community promotes change through self-help; through the stages of personality growth, maturity and team meetings to bring the patient to overcome their addictions.


Featuring numerous parks, a baseball stadium, an art deco theatre, art gallery and the Museo Provincial which is home to a number of historical exhibitions, the rehabilitation clinic is located in a busy little town that offers wonderful views of the city and surrounding province.

The treatment centre itself is surrounded by beautiful gardens and exuberant vegetation.  Easy to access, the centre is located just 2 km from the International Airport and 10 km from the shopping district in town.


Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation

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  • Gym
  • Restaurant (Bar, Barbeque, Casual Dining)
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