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India ties itself in knots over International Yoga Day
Articles, Interviews, Newsletter, Blog
CNN | Jun 21, 2015

Americans May See Appeal of Medical Tourism in Cuba
The New York Times | Feb 17, 2015

Medical Tourism Magazine
Articles, Interviews, Newsletter, Blog
Medical Tourism Association | Published Quarterly

6 Things You Need to Know About Getting Medical Care Abroad
Travel News | January 2012

Is Medical Tourism the Future of Healthcare?
International Business Times
Business & Health | December 2011

Medical Tourism: 5-Star Care at a Discount
San Francisco Chronicle | December 2009

Medical Articles

India Surrogacy Boom Gives Birth to Parenthood for Foreign Couples By Joe Harkins
A surrogacy boom has given birth to the promise of parenthood for an increasing number of couples from around the world who travel to India

The Healing Power Of Music By Dr. James Aw
Music can provide beneficial health benefits that rival the strength of pharmaceutical therapies. How, exactly? An examination of recent research.

CimaVax-EGF (PDF)
The world's first vaccine for lung cancer treatment

The Benefits of Nurological Restoration (PDF)
A better quality of life for pacients suffering from paralysis

Andropause (PDF)
There are several Androgenic medication in different research and clinical stages with the aim of making the lives of aging men better and which offer a greater safety.

Policosanol (PDF)
PPG has numerous therapeutic benefits and is often prescribed by doctors for the treatment of patients with high levels of bad cholesterol.

Beating Addiction (PDF)
With more then 15 years of experience these institutions provide professional and specialized care.

Eyes That See (PDF)
Cuba's National Retinitis Pigmentosa Program as 17 years of experience, not only treating patients with this vision illness, but also perfecting a system of prevention for those at risk of suffering from it.

Keeping Sports Clean (PDF)
The word "doping" is synonymous with foul play, and it is most closely linked to the world of sports because of the unscrupulous use of doping by some for an easy profit

The Biological Restoration Program

Foam Sclerotherapy (PDF)
A painless procedure that barely produces annoyance to the patient, it eliminates varicose veins that with conventional surgery would be difficult to remove

New Hope for Life (PDF)
Centre of Molecular Immunology (CMI) has been working to contribute to preserving human life for more then 25years.

The 120 Year Old Club (PDF)
Working Towards Unprecedented Logevity

Cuban Medical Services (PDF)
More than 150 specialized attention programs through a network of hospitals located all over the country as well as Hospital Lodging facilities for the stay of patients and their companions.

The Cochlear Implant (PDF)
Farewell to Silence

Smiles in Cuba and the Ukraine (PDF)
The twentieth anniversary of the joint Cuba-Ukraine program for medical attention to children affected by the catastrophe at the electronuclear plant in Chernobyl, Ukraine

Refractive Surgery (PDF)
Modern technology solves an old problem with a painless, outpatient, safe and effective surgical method.

National Institute of Oncology and Radiobiology in Cuba (PDF)
INOR has a history of more than 50 years dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and research of cancer, always in the constant search for new therapies to provide the patient with longer survival and a better quality of life.

Restorers of Movement (PDF)
When you see a dancer dancing, an acrobat leaping, an athlete running or simply a person walking, you seldom stop to think that behind those movements may be the hand of an orthopaedic surgeon or a rehabilitation specialist responsible for restoring the health of a person after an injury or accident.

Healthcare in Cuba (PDF)
Cuba has without argument the best national healthcare system in Latin America, and one of the best in the world.

Back to Life (PDF)
Cuba, offers an addiction rehabilitation program called Nuevo Día (New Day). The basic promise of the program is a new life for the former addict who successfully rehabilitates in these institutions.

Servicios Médicos Cubanos (PDF)
Visitors to Cuba receive highly competent medical care while comforted by other strengths that make Cuba an extraordinary destination: hospitality, security for its citizens, beautiful scenery, the environment and the traditional culture of a people who are joyful and charismatic.

The Search for Antiretroviral Therapies and Vaccines against HIV/AIDS (PDF)
Cuban researchers from different scientific institutions have been working together in the search for new antiretroviral therapies and vaccinations against HIV/AIDS, and with progress having already been made, the research teams have strong hopes of advancing their research.

Solid National Healthcare System (PDF)
Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, S.A. (SMC) offers a varied set of healthcare programs in Cuba. Cubaplus interviewed SMC President Ismael Castillo Garcia on the prospects of such programs.

The Battle Against Pain (PDF)
Pain is one of the more frequent reasons for visiting the doctor. It is such a common problem that many health institutions have created pain clinics that focus on the diagnosis and management of pain and offer special treatment to cure or at least ease chronic pain.

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